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Birds Feeding shots

Feeding (feeding on food and feed to the others) is the most frequent birds activity throughout the day. Different group of birds feed on different source of food, such as frugivorous birds, omnivorous birds, and birds of prey etc. It can be predictable if we can find a ripening fruit tree. The day under ripening fig tree could be the most amazing day. But sometime it happens by chance especially with birds of prey. Birds feeding their chicks at the nest are also the extraordinary shots, which show the behavior not many people have an opportunity to observe. These nestlings feeding photos can be valuable for studying birds breeding biology. On the other hand, it can pose a serious disturbance and the nest will be abandoned eventually if we are not carefully manage our hideout. Our professional guide and staff are highly concern about this issue. Thus, everything is meticulously prepared, yet our clients still able to get great shots.