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One of the most challenging photography skills for both beginner and advanced photographers is capturing birds in flight. In the old days, to get only a single decent shot of a bird in flight is absolutely difficult. Thus, successfully shooting birds in flight is rewarding and exciting, but it takes a lot of patience and relentless, and there is no single surefire technique to it.

These days, capturing split-second flight shots is at the tip of your finger with the assist of a highly advanced technology in modern cameras. However, the key to success of shooting a perfect or satisfying birds in flight shot is not purely happened by a sophisticated camera. There are other variables correlate in this mission such as unpredictable surrounding environment. Knowing behaviors of the species you are about to shoot appear to be a crucial key to incorporate. Nonetheless, having a high experienced guide accompanying you in the field is a shortcut to this challenge. He will lend a hand to grant your achievement conveniently.

Phattharadech Thananphitchayakon (Tony Eagle-Eye) is a reputable Thai bird photographer with over 20 years experiences of birding and photographing at all corner of Thailand. Capture birds in flight is his most favorite. He will accompanying you in the process of shooting the best birds in flight and also other extraordinary action shots. Be your private guide he ensures that you will have the highest quality and exceptional Thai bird photography tour.

Thailand Bird Photography Tour offer you wide variety breathtaking destinations throughout the country suit for all skill level photographers. You can choose available itineraries from our website or consult us to create a tailor-made trip according to the species that you desire to capture.

Check out sample of birds in flight shots from different locations throughout Thailand below. Flight shot Locations

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