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Thailand Bird Photography is a genuine local Thai expert bird leaders. Our team consists of 7 professional guides with over 20 years birding experiences, every guide capable of catering birding tours and also bird photography tours throughout the country. Typically the company manager, Tony Eagle-eye, will distribute tours to each of us evenly. Our company principle is to give all guides an equal opportunity to earn their income. However, sometime Tony has to assign a tour to the guide who best suit for the nature or type of a particular bird photographer. Whether you are a photographer who love to stake out for specific target species, or you prefer walking along the trail and photograph every species that you connect with, we can deliver a service that suit you perfectly. We are also provide the tour style that suit for all photography level. If you want both of magnificent shots of sough-after birds and also gain as many species as possible in one trip, do not hesitate to book the tour with us. Let’s us make your bird photography holiday worthwhile and unforgettable. We ensure you that our expert knowledge and local experiences will help create the superb Thailand bird photography adventure for you.

Phattharadech Thananphitchayakon / Tony Eagle-Eye

Tony Eagle-Eye

Phattharadech Thananphitchayakon

Somboon Sundhod (Boon)


Somboon Sundhod

Akkarapong Spavanakool (Yoh)


Akkarapong Spavanakool