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Thailand Bird Photography Tour, we offer both classic and tailor-made tours. We are sincerely provide you the unforgettable photography experience and the itinerary that best suit you.

Classic tours

Classic bird photography tours are the core of our offerings, which privately guided by our professional photographer. The classic tours have been designed to sample most of the country best birds photography destinations while keeping travel time to an acceptable level for our clients. You can choose your program from various itineraries, either by number of days that suit you or by region that you want to explore. We offer the tours to all regions in the country and wide range of number of days, starts from 7 days minimum to 45 days

maximum. If your free time shorter than 7 days, please consult with us about your plan. However, if your time not match the number of days we provided, and you would like to adjust to a slightly longer or shorter tour, just discuss this with us, we will manage it specialty for you.

Tour Code: Cls-TBPhoto#0025D

Classic Tour-Thailand Bird Photography Tour 25 Days

Starting from Bangkok. Pick up from Hotel in Bangkok or Airport/Transfer to Leam Pak Bia/Takes about 3 hours from Bangkok and Arrive at Leam Pak Bia/Searching Spoon-billed Sandpiper, Nordmann’s Greenshank, Asian Dowitcher and many other Birds.

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Tailor-made tours

If you are looking for flexibility and the option to customize your own vacation, the tailor-made tour is definitely your answer.

  • Travel on the exact dates that match your available time.
  • Travel at the time of year that is convenient for you.
  • Come up with the list of your target species.
  • Pick up destinations that you want to go.
  • Travel with family, friends or whom you would like to have with you on your vacation.
  • Travel at your own pace.
  • Travel within your personal budget, your accommodation type can be arranged from budget to luxurious or a mix.
  • Customize your tour based on a combination of your specific interests, whether it be only birds photography, or mix with culture, botany, butterflies, herps, geology etc.

Just discuss with us whatever making your best experience.